AAAI96 Workshop on

Theories of action, Planning and Control: Bridging the gap, Aug 4-5, 1996.


The goal of the workshop is to bring together active researchers in the areas of theories of actions, planning and control architectures to discuss and analyze the interrelation between these areas, and to accelerate the interaction between them.

Specific topics of interest are: Identification of features in theories of actions that make it possible to develop efficient planning algorithms; Study of the relation between the inference methods associated with logical formalizations of a particular theory of action and planning algorithms for that theory; Exploration of advantages and disadvantages of generate and test planners. (some possible advantages are easy incorporation of domain knowledge, easy incorporation of non-standard goals such as maintaining the value of a fluent etc.); Incorporation of aspects related to control (such as: execution of actions, knowledge producing actions, actions that may fail, etc.) into theories of actions; and Other topics that relate to the interface between these areas.

The one and half day workshop will consist of tutorials, individual presentations and panel discussions. Participants interested in presenting their work should send 4 copies of their paper (5000 words) or position paper (1500 words) by March 18, 1996 to Chitta Baral, Department of Computer Science, University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, TX 79968, USA, 915-747-6952/5030 (ph/fax). (Email submissions in postscript to is preferred.) Other interested participants should send a one page description of their research interest. Further information on this symposium and some papers related to this workshop can be found at

The workshop committee consists of an organizing committee of Chitta Baral, Fahiem Bacchus, Ray Reiter, and Paolo Traverso and a steering and program committee of Michael Gelfond, Michael Georgeff, Fausto Giunchiglia, Craig Knoblock, Ben Kuipers, Vladimir Lifschitz, Fangzhen Lin, Edwin Pednault, Sam Steel, and Qiang Yang.