AAAI97 Workshop on

ROBOTS, SOFTBOTS, IMMOBOTS: Theories of Action, Planning and Control July 28, 1997.



The workshop will bring together theoretical and applied researchers in the area of automated agents. We are particularly interested in robots; "softbots" that operate in software environments; and "immobots," immobile, sensor-rich agents like automated factories, concerned mostly with internal regulation and control.

We welcome researchers in theoretical aspects of reasoning about actions, planning algorithms and control architectures. Discussions will focus on the interaction between representation, planning and execution.


Some specific topics are:


One and half day workshop. We will begin the workshop with tutorials covering the state of the art in action representation and planning, followed by introductions to robots, softbots and immobots. Individual talks and panel discussions will follow the tutorials. Speakers will be challenged to address the needs of automated agency.


A paper of up to 10 pages, or a position statement of up to 2 pages. The submission should take care to address both components of the topic: interested researchers of a theoretical bent should identify how their work would support automated agency; researchers in automated agency should identify their representational and inferential needs and (ideally) how they perceive available theoretical work. (Email submission of postscript file prefereed.)

Submission deadline: March 11, 1997

Notification date: April 1, 1997

Final date for camera-ready copies to organizers: April 22, 1997

Submission address: Chitta Baral, Dept of Computer Science, University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, TX 79968, USA.

Email and phone#s :, 915-747-6952/5030 (ph/fax)


Co-chairs: Chitta Baral (UT, El Paso) and Robert Goldman (Honeywell Technology Center, MN 65-2200,3660 Technology Drive,Minneapolis, MN 55418, (612)951-7336, FAX (612)951-7438,

Organizing committee:

Accepted papers