SSS-95 Papers

John M. Agosta Representation of Deliberation and Execution Time in Influence Diagrams

Fahiem Bacchus, Frodauld Kabanza Control Strategies in Planning

Chitta Baral Representing complex effects of actions

Chitta Baral, Michael Gelfond, Alessandro Provetti Representing actions I: Laws, observations and hypothesis

D. Paul Benjamin Analyzing languages of action for the purpose of synthesis

Jim Blythe AI Planning in Dynamic, Uncertain Domains

Tom Costello costello@SAIL.Stanford.EDU Relating Formalizations of Actions

Adnan Darwiche Structure-Based Generation of Plans

Giuseppe De Giacomo, Maurizio Lenzerini Enhanced Propositional Dynamic Logic for Reasoning about Concurrent Actions

Charles Elkan Reasoning about Action in First-Order Logic

Charles Elkan On Solving the Qualification Problem

James M Crawford, David W. Etherington Observation on Observations in Action Theories

Craig Boutilier, Nir Friedman Nondeterministic Actions and the Frame Problem

Craig Boutilier, Richard Dearden, Moises Goldszmidt Exploiting Structure in Policy Construction

Lloyd Greenwald How to Avoid Thinking on Your Feet

Michael Gruninger and Javier Pinto A Theory of Complex Actions fo Enterprise Modelling

AnHai Doan, Peter Haddawy Generating Macro Operators for Decision-Theoretic Planning

Liem Ngo, Peter Haddawy Representing Iterative Loop for Decision-Theoretic Planning

David Heckerman, Ross Shachter A Decision-Based View of Causality

Richard Levinson An Interdisciplinary Theory of Autonomous Action

Enrico Guinchiglia, G. Neelakantan Kartha, Vladimir Lifschitz Actions with Indirect Effects

Rasiah Loganantharaj Reified Logic for Representing First-Order Temporal Constraints

Jixin Ma, Brain Knight A Revised Theory of Temporal Actions

Zhisheng Huang, Michael Masuch ALX3, A Multi-Agent Action Logic

Norman McCain, Hudson Turner A Causal Theory of Ramifications and Qualifications

L. Thorne McCarty Position Paper

Sheila A. McIlraith Incorporating Action into Diagnostic Problem Solving

Rob Miller Situation Calculus Specifications for Event Calculus Logic Programs

David Pym, David Murphy, Louise Pryor Actions as Processes

Judea Pearl judea@CS.UCLA.EDU Action as a Local Surgery

David Poole Sensing and Acting in the Independent-Choice Logic

Murray Shanahan Context-Sensitive Event Occurrence Minimisation

Jonathan King Tash tash@EECS.Berkeley.EDU Abstract Actions for Stochastic Planning

Michael Thielscher On the Logic of Dynamic Systems

David E. Smith, Mike Williamson Representation and Evaluation of Plans with Loops

Choong-Ho Yi Towards the Assessment of Logics for Concurrent Actions

R. Michael Young The Role of Plans in Task-Related Discourse

Robert P. Goldman, Mark S. Boddy Position paper

Jane T. Malin, Dan Ryan, Debra Schreckenghost, Position paper

Schedule and List of Participants